IBM Spectrum Protect Cheat Sheet – How to Use It?


The recommended form of using a tie for ISP administrators is to use it in everyday operational work, after it has been printed, preferably on a printer that enables color printing. The colors are an essential part of the cheat sheet. Thanks to their use, we were able to dedicate the length of the commands while taking into account all the available variants and options.
If you don’t have a color printer, we have a different solution. Print the cheat sheet in black and white, and then with the help of 4 highlighters of different colors or 4 colored pens, mark the appropriate lines of the individual commands assigning them colors, similar to the color version.

The colors

The individual colors represent the command variants depending on the selected option.

The black color represents the part common to all variants. After selecting a “path” in a given color, apart from a given color, it is only possible to use a common (black) path, if the line-end markers allow it.


Line start (first 2 characters):

>> start a command.
> – continuation of the command from the previous line.
<letter> conditional option selected depending on the decision from the previous step.

Line termination (last 2 characters):

-> continuation of the command on the next line.
> <end of command.
– | continuation of the command on a line starting with <letter>.
– option continuation in the next line.
[] option in square brackets – option is not required, the default value will be used
underlined value for a given option means the default value.

Uppercase letters denote the minimum abbreviated version of the command/option.

Italic means a text value, typically a number or name.