The request came from Oracle Team. They would keep Archivelog for Oracle DB for 24h. And as we have scheduled Archivelog back up a couple of times during a day we were deleting logs after each Backup Job.


For fulfilling this request we need to remove Archivelog deletion after the backup job and create a new Schedule Policy. The policy needs to have the option to delete the log older than 24h marked. Then assign there Archivelog for impacted instance to freshly created Schedule Policy.

Step 1.

In the beginning, we need to remove Archive Log deletion after the backup job.

Go to the Commcell Instance -> Client Computers -> Client -> Agent Type -> Oracle SID Instance -> ArchiveLog (Subclient Name) and right click Properties.

Go to the Log Backup tab and unselect the Archive Delete checkbox in section Backup Archive Log, visible on the image.

Verify does default Subclient has the same option marked, if yes deselect it as well.

Step 2.

Create Schedule Policy with the same frequency as the original one, but name it differently to see that this one is related to deleting Archive logs after 24h.

Step 3.

In the Backup Task Options window (Task -> Edit), go to the Schedule Pattern tab and click the Advanced button.

Step 4.

In the Advanced Backup Options window, go to the Delete Archive Logs tab and mark Delete Archive Log checkbox. Then mark Older than 1 Days. Click OK.

Step 5.

Associate ArchiveLog Subclient to the new Schedule Policy.