Tips & Trick

Commvault Commcell Console in Job Controller offers a simple way to prepare and save some filters for a better view of currently running jobs. This is the perfect solution if You quickly want to see just jobs running f.e. on specific Media Agent or exclude NAS jobs. How to add filters? 

Step 1.

Open Your Commcell Console, go to the Job Controler, and on the right top corner, You will find a Filters drop-down list. It is probably empty but You may add Your filters by clicking the + symbol. Existing filters are Editable.

Step 2.

Provide the Name of a filter. The most interesting part is a Filtering criteria section when You may specify conditions for filtering. Conditions may be combining to filters only results when one condition is met or all of them. After creating criteria click the Add to List button.


In this example has been created filter for not showing Queuted jobs in Job Controller.